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Metrum Henan Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to provide integrated solutions for users in the fields of energy management, power monitoring and electrical measurement.Togher with Metrum Brazil, we design and supply Energy Management System to our clients in many fields, such as industrial and mining, municipal construction, commercial estate and etc by offering customized solutions and long-term technical support services, with our goal of “energy saving and emission reduction, optimized management, cost reduction and profit increase”, and we always work with users to improve energy management and efficiency, refine and reduce energy costs of products, further to help enterprises obtain ISO50001 certification.

With the excellent research and development capabilities, Metrum Henan will actively provide clients with a complete and reliable modern intelligent management system and high quality product & services.With the core value orientation of ‘creating value for our users’, Metrum Henan has established close partnerships with users, facing challenges with users and growing together.

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  • A technical visit will be held to survey the details of the installation of the solution. 
  • At this stage, the complete project documentation will be elaborated.
  • Install equipment and configure the correct operation plan, and match with other devices.
  • In this step all the tests and simulations necessary to ensure the perfect operation of the system will be performed . Each of the predicted situations will be simulated.
  • The training according to the technical specification.
  • We have a team of engineers, technicians and analysts trained in a wide range of fields, able to provide the assistance required by the system throughout its useful life.The support infrastructure offers various service channels, such as e-mail, telephone, remote assistance and local service.


  • 1.Is it a necessary to use energy management system to improve energy efficiency?
    It is less possible to maintain a high energy Taking into account the experience of people like William Edwards Deming, it is unlikely to achieve and maintain efficiency without an adequate management system.
  • 2.What is the implementation of SIGE?
    The implementation time depends on the characteristics of the metering infrastructure of the customer’s plant, but typically an implementation lasts two to six months.
  • 3.What level of support does my company receive after the deployment?
    In addition to the operational support of the system, the customer has the assistance of a team with expertise in energy metering and management,
  • 4.What does my company need to have to enable the implementation of SIGE?
    The requirements for the initial implementation of SIGE are minimal, as it is a solution adequate from the reality of companies that are starting their activities in Energy Management System,
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Provide customers with a complete and reliable modern intelligent management system and product services