SIGE Energy Management

According to industry standards, SIGE combines professional data analysis and visualization tools to provide users with optimization solutions to achieve energy consumption data diagnosis and evaluation. Help users to control energy reasonably, improve energy performance continuously; in further, achieve precise, rational and intelligent management.

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Compatible with various modules

SCADA, PIMS, MES, DCS, ERP , sensors, meters, PLC and data concentrator can be connected.


Multiple communication way

Available for communication by system with RS485, Ethernet, optical fibers and wireless.


Support multiple Browsers Access

The most popular browsers available can be used like Internet Explorer , Chrome, Firefox, mobile device, etc.


User assess level and permission

Different authorities set according to different level, realizing different levels management of enterprise.


Modularized and flexible management system

Flexible function extension according to the actual requirements during enterprise development.


Emission of CO2 and Greenhouse Gases Reports

SIGE has tabular and graphical reports that show the amount of CO2 emission for each process.



High Efficient and accurate information collection:Real-time & accurate measurement of energy consumption information on a visual interface.

Data verification :SIGE is provided with a complete data verification tool & method and the record data will be stored after verification.

Energy consumption trend analysis :By analyzing the historical data, the prediction scenario is constructed to analyze the future consumption.

Energy usage management :The energy input control is realized according to the optimization algorithm.

Alarm for abnormal event :Timely catching abnormal energy consumption and production deviation, then analyzing the reasons and giving alarm.

Energy performance management :Comprehensive analysis of multiple processes parameters provides KPI for every sector/unit to evaluate energy consumption.

Historical data inquiry :Historical data is stored in the database and make it convenient for uses to search, compare, analyze and forecast.

Multiple statistical reports : International standard report format with report generation library, free to create as needed.

Management of energy contracts :Simulate and calculate energy costs in energy contracts, verify energy bills and sharing costs.

Power quality analysis :Collect power quality data and analyze the reasons, improve power factor and avoid reactive fines.



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