Feeder Terminal Unit

The Feeder Terminal Unit provides overall phase and ground current sensing and source/load side voltage sensing. The FXD2000 control can compute instantaneous values of phase and ground current, power (Real power, Reactive power, Apparent power), power factor ,energy (Real energy, Reactive energy, Energy reset), etc.


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Large size LCD screen



Sealed stainless steel housing



Comply with IEC standard



10 inputs and 5 outputs



Three phase three wire or three phase four wire connection



Fast measurement



The button is easy to operate



Customizable functions





Technical Specification

Functional Diagram

A function block diagram of Feeder Terminal Unit is shown as Figure 1. In general, there are several main modules, including Micro-Processor CPU, Switchgear Reaction Interface, Power Supply, Battery Management, I/O, Communications and User Interface. Current sensing is provided by three current transformers located in upper apparatus and interfaced to FXD2000 control via the control cable. This cable also supplies Open/Close signal and feedbacksApparatus status. Voltages sensing are connected to the analog inputs module which located on Mainboard.

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Funciton block diagram


1. Summary of Features:


• Enclosure material: Stainless steel or Carbon steel

• Enclosure sealing: IP54 ~ IP65


• Operating temperature: -40°C ~+70°C

• Relative humidity: 0~100%

• Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

• Altitude: 0~2000m


• Power supply: 110/220Vac +/- 20%, 50Hz +/- 3Hz

• Battery: 24V/16Ah

• Power consumption: ≤5W

• Current Sensing: 1A

• Voltage Sensing: 110/220VAC from VT


2. Inputs and Outputs:


• System connection: 3 phase-3 wire or 3 phase-4 wire

• System ratings: 38kV maximum, 800Amp maximum

• System frequency: 50/60Hz

Current Input

• Input Channel: IA, IB, IC, IN

• Input range: 1A rating, 20A 4s

• Burden: 0.4VA

Voltage Input

Voltage Transformer (VT)

• Input Channel: VA, VB, VC, VX, VY, YZ

• Input Range: Phase-Neutral continuous < 300V

• Burden: 0.2VA at 220V

Internal Voltage Sensing (IVS) –Option

• Example: Cooper NOVAi 15kV

• Input channels: VA, VB, VC

• Input Range: 0~39V RMS • Burden: below 0.0015VA

• Primary resistance: 100MΩ or 200MΩ

Control Inputs

• Channels: 10

• Input Type: Dry Contact

Control Outputs

• Channels: 5

• Output Type: 2 MOSFET + 2 Dry Contact

• Output Capacity: 10A 250VAC/30VDC for Dry Contact


• Engineering Port – RS232

• Standard Port – RS232

• Standard Port – RJ45

2. Standard Compliance:

Impulse voltage withstand

• Standard: IEC60255-5:2000; test 6.1.3

• Severity: 5kV, ±3 short

Dielectric Strength

• Standard: IEC60255-5:2000; test 6.1.4

• Severity: 3150V 1min

Radiated Emission

• Standard: EN55022:1998

• Severity: Class B

Electrostatic Discharge

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-2:1995

• Severity:

• Air discharge: 8kV

• Contact discharge: 6kV

Radiated Radio Frequency Immunity

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-3:1998

• Severity:

• Frequency range: 80~1000MHz

• Field strength: 30V/m

Immunity Electrical Fast Transient /Burst Immunity

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-4:2004

• Severity:

• Pulse characteristics: 5/50ns

• Peak voltage: ±4kV

• Repetition frequency: 5kHz

Surge Immunity

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-5:2005

• Severity:

• Pulse characteristics: 1.2/50us

• Peak voltage: ±2kV line to line, ±4kV line to earth

Immunity to Conducted Disturbances

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-6:2001

• Severity:

• Frequency range: 0.15~80MHz

• Modulation: 1kHz -80% AM

Power Supply interruption and dips • Standard: IEC 61000-4-11:2001 Oscillatory waves immunity

• Standard: IEC 61000-4-12:2001

• Severity:

• Voltage rise time: 0.5us

• Peak voltage: ±2kV line to line, ±4kV line to earth


• Standard: IEC 68-2-1:1990

• Severity: -40°C ±3°C, 2h

Dry Heat

• Standard: IEC 68-2-2:1990

• Severity: 65°C ±3°C, 2h

Damp Heat Cycle

• Standard: IEC 68-2-30:1990

• Severity: 40°C ±2°C, 2 cycles (24hrs each cycle)

Vibration Response and endurance

• Standard: IEC 255-21-1:1998

• Severity: level 1

Response, Withstand and Bump

• Standard: IEC 255-21-2:1998

• Severity: level 1

Shock Response, Withstand and Bump

• Standard: IEC 255-21-2:1998

• Severity: level 1

Minimum Tripping Current

• Standard: C37.60:2003 Section 6.6

• Severity: Phase 20A, Ground 5A




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