Distribution Transformer Monitoring Unit

Distribution Transformer Monitor Unit is used for monitoring equipment for distribution transformer. DTMU can also upload the local collected information to cloud server through wireless channel on web.


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Remote monitoring


Cloud data storage


Remote alarming


Simple interface


Easy to operate


Modular design


Measuring values

Three Phases voltage/Three Phases current/Three Phases power (each phase active/reactive power, total active/reactive power)/Power factor/Transferred active/reactive energy (according to time section and not accumulated)/Received active/reactive energy (according to time section and not accumulated)/Harmonic/THD/FlickerThree phase voltage unbalance/Three phase current unbalance/Sag/Swell/Frequency variation influence/Oil temperature/Oil level/Lug temperature (ABCN)


Major features

CT or Flexible Coil (optional) for current measuring

Standard analog input, digital input and output

      Two Modbus master

      Two 4-20mA analog input

      Two 0-5V digital input

      One 0-5V passive contact (digital output) for future connecting reactive compensation unit

GPS, GPRS (3/4G) communication module

Big memory space in local device can save measuring data, alarm data, etc

Device ID configuration can get adding up to 60000 transformer

Each time in case of communication failure, when reestablish communication, all the data happened during communication failure can be sent to sever to avoid data gap

With Modbus RTU protocol communication configuration

Remote setting password of each DTMU from web

Remote configuration and transformer adding and update software from Web

Remote monitoring the transformer on-time data(one “ask for data” button on web, when you select one transformer then press “ask for data”, the monitoring data will come to web screen)

From the web, the user can configure:- Software upload - Create users (super user, control user, and view user) with passwords - Limit parameter values - Data storage period - Selecting the data stored in local device for sending to server - CT & PT ratio - Changing password of device All configurations can be sent to all the devices added in the web

Device search, data analysis, data view, alarm interface, alarm location (google map)

Date export to CSV file

Once alarm, device will upload the data immediately to web then google map location will come out, then the user can press the location signs into the device to check status and data

Providing URL address for viewing web interface from mobile phone or tablet


Power supply Range: 100V~480V

Optional: Battery supply (backup when power off): 2000mAh

Voltage Measuring Range: up to 450V (P-N) or (P-P), class 0.5

Rated Current Measure: AC 5A, range: 0-5A (10 times overload, maximum up to 50A)

CT range: no limit and configure according situation of transformer

CT ratio: can be set on local device or by web software


Terminal temperature:

Low-voltage side: A,B,C,N, total Channel: 4*PT100,  range: -40-200℃

Oil temperature: 4-20mA,  range: -40 - 120℃, accuracy: ±1℃

Oil level: RS485, range; 15-5000mm,  accuracy: 0.5






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