• 1.Is it a necessary to use energy management system to improve energy efficiency?

    It is less possible to maintain a high energy Taking into account the experience of people like William Edwards Deming, it is unlikely to achieve and maintain efficiency without an adequate management system. Energy Efficiency is an activity that seeks to improve the use of energy sources. The rational use of energy, simply called energy efficiency, consists in using energy efficiently to obtain a certain result.

  • 2.What is the implementation of SIGE?

    The implementation time depends on the characteristics of the metering infrastructure of the customer’s plant, but typically an implementation lasts two to six months.

  • 3.What level of support does my company receive after the deployment?

    In addition to the operational support of the system, the customer has the assistance of a team with expertise in energy metering and management, interpretation of metrological data, understanding of energy market standards and request from the concessionaires. The support infrastructure provides several service channels: e-mail, telephone, remote assistance and local service.

  • 4.What does my company need to have to enable the implementation of SIGE?

    The requirements for the initial implementation of SIGE are minimal, as it is a solution adequate from the reality of companies that are starting their activities in Energy Management System, to the reality of companies with mature culture and the the reality of companies already certified with an Energy Management System.

  • 5.Can the system be implemented in plants already in operation?

    Yes, SIGE is a tool based on the continuous improvement cycle and enables a staggered implementation, making use of a large part of the existing infrastructure.

  • 6.Does the SIGE comply with the requirements of ISO 50001?

    SIGE is a solution composed of computational tools recognized by ISO 50001 certification bodies, such as TÜV Rheinland.

  • 7.What are the advantages of distribution automation products?

    The product is reliable and cost-effective. According to the needs of the project, the solution is flexibly configured.

  • 8.What about our distribution products?

    The products supplied by our company adopt standard communication protocol and general data interface to support interconnection with other systems.

  • 9. How about customer service of distribution products?

    Support remote technical support and local product maintenance. Our technical team gives professional answers.

  • 10.What are the advantage of metering products?

    Our products are made of reinforced material, durable and convenient for workers to carry with them.

  • 11.What the quality of the built-in meter?

    The product is equipped with a high precision standard meter to accurately measure all electrical data.

  • 12.How is the using effect of metering products?

    This series of products is widely praised by users due to its portable design features and high performance application functions.

  • 13.How to solve the problem of production?

    The product is guaranteed for 2 years.