SIGE Energy Management System Software

SIGE is an energy information management platform based on PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-action) focusing on water, electricity, gas and heating consumption, widely used in industry, mining, power, city commercial complexes, etc and contributing to energy saving, emission reduction, improving energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and improving profit.
SIGE Energy Management System complies with the latest international standard ISO 50001:2018, providing high performance energy management solutions to our customers.


System structure

› Storing and managing data on cloud with flexible configuration of servers;
› Data processing device, ComMi for collecting, processing and uploading monitoring data;
› Monitoring meters and different level;
› monitoring meters;

High voltage side ION 7650 Monitoring and billing, Power quality analysis, Demand control
Medium voltage side PM 5560 Monitoring and billing, Power quality analysis
Low voltage side PM2000 Power energy measurement, Basic electrical parameters
Data concentrator ComMi Data collection and uploading, Multiple data computing, Protocol conversion



SIGE core functions

Real time monitoring data :
The monitoring points of electricity, gas and water of the enterprise are accurately measured. The visualized interface is displayed in a friendly way which make the energy consumption situation is very clear.
Intelligent verification and statistical analysis :
The data validation strategies can be created before data is transmitted to the system to analyze abnormal data, verify the deviation of data, and ensure the accuracy of display information.
Consumption trend forecast :
According to the historical energy consumption and production condition, weather forecast, monetary change, energy market and relevant information, the forecast can automatically generate.
Limit alarm management :
Set thresholds, the system can send alerts by identifying different levels of alarm through SMS, email, or reports and displays.
Data report management :
The system includes report library with international standard charts and graphics style, and export it quickly. No need to re-create reports, which can greatly reduce the workload of staff.
Demand optimization control :
Through the set algorithm to optimize control, ensuring the best use of energy. Improve energy efficiency and avoid waste so that energy consumption to meet the maximum contract. Achieving the goal of energy saving.




SIGE key features


Diverse visual display


Group level energy management


Diversified data transmission


Accurate data collection


Efficient system control


Cost accounting and assignment


Flexible expansion and compatibility


Reasonable architecture configuration


Multi-dimensional statistical analysis


Consumption and carbon emission transformation

User profits


1. Optimizing energy distribution and utilization, allocating peak and off-peak, realizing energy-saving. Helping users to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. Finding energy-saving potential and reducing operating costs.

2. Through the intelligent centralized management, users can accurately grasp energy data, and improve the level of intelligent information management. Saving the labor and operation & maintenance costs.

3. Effective avoidance of fines due to reactive power and contract exceed the limit.

4. Improving the maintenance level of users to ensure reliable and efficient operation of device.

5. Mass data and analysis forecast can promote the refinement and prevention management of users.

6. Refining cost accounting and assignment, improving user's KPI performance management.

7. Helping enterprises to establish the concept of sustainable development and obtain ISO 50001 certification.