Fault Passage Indicator

The short circuit fault criterion of this product supports adaptive criterion and overdetermined criterion. Ground fault support transient characteristic algorithm and external application signal, the transient feature method action threshold can be set, the outgoing signal can be matched to all signal sources in the market through wireless Settings.
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Telemetering support :Line load current


Telemetering support :Fault current


Telemetering support :Electrical field strength


Telecommunicating support :Instantaneous short circuit


Telecommunicating support :Permanent short circuit


Telecommunicating support : Ground fault



1. Overhead Type Fault Passage Indicator

♦ Adopting super chargeable capacitor and power supply from line circuit;

♦ Adopting wireless frequency-hopping and smart retransmission mechanism to ensure reliable communication;

♦ Adopting secure communication to prevent crosstalk;

♦ Can set fault current threshold value and also itself can adjust fault current value according to load current change, buy following related standard;

♦ Auto restore time can be set in the range 0.5-48 hours, or can smartly restore (namely auto restore 10 seconds after power supply);

♦ Earthing judge by following transient characteristics method and external signal applying method, can set online after installation;

♦ External signal applying method can support all signal sources in the market, and signal source sequence can be set online ;

♦ Support remotely signaling of power on and power off, and provide evidence whether the line is working normally or not .

2. Communication terminal for overhead fault passage indicator :

♦ Low power consumption. Main supply and backup supply;

♦ Wireless frequency modulation and secure technology, ensure stability of communication;

♦ Super-capacity design can save 6000pcs SOE history records;

♦ Support remote upgrade and SMS management facility and SMS alarm;

♦ Wireless adopt secure communication to prevent interference ;

♦ Digital remote-signaling input (optional functions) .




1. Overhead Type Fault Passage Indicator :



Line voltage range


Load current



Instructions for use:


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