ComMi Concentrator

ComMi is the first in the series of Remote Power Management and Control Units. This data concentrator has the primary feature of integrating information from power meters and protocols. The equipment receives records the data of the energetic vectors and displays them in an embedded interface with access via browser. With integration capacity of up to 32 meters this unit is ideal for billing and energy billing systems, where there is cost sharing.


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Synchronization via NTP (Network Time Protocol)


Creation of virtual energy meters for the apportionment of costs


Support multiple Browsers Access

The most popular browsers available can be used like Internet Explorer , Chrome, Firefox, mobile device, etc


Reading of meters in Modbus RTU and TCP / IP (up to 32 meters)


Communication with the PME (one of SIGE's interfaces) via ION protocol


Browser interface with browser access


DIN rail bracket (panel mounting)



The unit reads the meter data in Modbus,
stores it in the mass memory ,
transfers it to the PME - Schneider Electric via the ION protocol.
The data can also be viewed on the embedded interface.

♦ Data Records Preview

♦ Real-time view on Vista

♦ Mass memory display

♦ Real-time data visualization

♦ Configuration



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