Portable Three Phase Meter Test Equipment MHTS1.3

Portable Three Phase Meter Test Equipment MHTS1.3

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In-built Standard Reference Meter (SRM) : Accuracy class 0.05, and linear amplifier


Error test, start test, creep test, dial test..etc


Measurement of volts, current, p.f., power, frequency, phase angle, harmonic..etc


Power Source (PS) : Output 0-360V/phase & 1mA-120A/phase, or depend on client requirement


Can set & output of each phase voltage & current, and can set phase angle independently




1) With in-built standard meter class 0.05 and with impulse outputs.

2) 7"LCD display

3) Can test various of single phase and three phase electromechanical /electronic energy meter

4) Can test and display voltage, current, phase, error, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, power, phase angle, power factor, frequency and etc

5) With in-built error calculator to calculate error of meter under test

6) With enough protection, like short-circuit voltage, current open-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection

7) 2-31 times harmonics test, adjustable harmonic amplitude (≤40%)

8) Dial test/Start test/Creep test

9) RS232 communication port with PC

10) Can save test data 500pcs up

11) With two impulse inputs, can get connect with external reference when need, work together with internal error processing system of the unit and then comparing error, through also connecting one power meter

12) With one option for choice between internal reference meter mode or external reference meter mode.

13) Have configuration where you can set the pulse value like pulse/wh or wh/pulse or pulse/kwh or kwh/pulse

Technical Index

Accuracy class : 0.05

Voltage range : 10-480V (P-N), 120% adjustable

Current range : 1mA-100A  

Supply Voltage : AC 88-284V, 50/60HZ,

Input Power Consumption : 450W

Ambient Temperature : -10℃-45℃

Influence of auxiliary Voltage : ≤0.005% at 10% Variation

Dimension (approx) : 510*600*170mm (main unit)

Material of Enclosure : High strength polypropylene composite resin

Frequency Range & Resolution : 45-69HZ, 0.001HZ

Phase Angle Range & Resolution : 0-359.99°, 0.001°

Phase angle Error : 0.03°

Communication Interface : RS232

Voltage Source

Voltage Range : 10-480V (P-N)/17.3V-830V(P-P), 120% adjustable

Resolution : 0.001 - 0.0001V

Output Accuracy : 0.05%

Output capacity : 50VA/phase

Distortion Factor : ≤0.5%

Output Stability : 0.02%/3min

Load Regulation (0-100% load) : 0.02%

Current Source

Current range : 1mA –100A, 120% adjustable, maximum up to 120A

Resolution :  0.0001 - 0.00001A

Output Accuracy : 0.05%

Output capacity : 100VA/Phase

Distortion Factor : ≤0.5%

Output Stability : 0.02% / 3min

Load Regulation (0-100% load) :  0.02%

Generation Of Harmonics

Fundamental Frequency Range : 45-69HZ

Harmonics test : 2-51times

Phase shift (basic Waveform/Harmonic) : 0-360°

Configuration & Accessories List



Main unit


Test Rack (3 position)


Voltage cable

1 set

Current cable

1 set

Optical sensor

3 Nos

Communication cable


Power cord


User manual


PC software (CD)




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