AC Current Probe MH-RC03

AC Current Probe MH-RC03

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Three phases with three ranges by switch


Rogowski coil with integrator


Current range can be customized


Harmonic measurement up to 51 times



Rogowski Coil with integrator

Phase/Ranges :Three Phases and Three Ranges ;
Measuring ranges : 100/500/2500A, 30/300/3000A,or 60/600/6000A (or customized) ;
Output sensitivity :Max 1V or 1A AC (or customized) ;
Accuracy :±1% of reading ± 0.1A (100/500A, 30/300A or 60/600A ranges) ; ±1% of reading ±1A (2500A, 3000A or 6000A range) ;
Minimum load :100kΩ for specified accuracy ;
Frequency range :10Hz to 10 KHz (-1 dB) ;
Phase (45-65Hz) :<±1° ;
Harmonic measure :Up to 51 times ;
Phase (45-2500Hz) : Conform to IEC60044-8:2002 standard ;
Temperature coefficient : ±0.1℃ ;
Power supply : 120-270V AC 100-300V DC ;

Probe lengths 610mm ;
Probe diameter 12mm ;
Probe output cable : 2m probe to integrator ;
(Exact details can be customized)

Dimensions : 132*86*46(L*W*D)mm
Output connection : 0.5m coax cable terminated with 3 safety male BNC
Interface : The aviation plug
(Input with three aviation plugs, output with one aviation plug and power supply with one)

General Characteristics
Operating temp. -20°C - +65°C
Storage temp. -40°C - +75°C



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