Energy management system

Customer services :In order to deliver a higher quality management system, we will provide all the necessary services as below.

    Technical visit
    A technical visit will be held to survey the details of the installation of the solution. During the visit will be verified the location of the equipment installation, the need to launch cables (power and communication network ) and the respective quantity of each of these cables , operation of existing equipment , among other points necessary for the installation of the proposed system.
    Make executive project
    At this stage, the complete project documentation will be elaborated, necessary for the correct execution of the work, containing information on the technical conditions, general conditions/specialization, specification of materials and justification of tailored solutions. It will be included the installation location, physical identification, logical identification (IP, Gateway).
    Once drafted, the executive project will be sent to the Client for approval and beginning of detailed engineering work .
    Installation controlling module and data server
    Install equipment and configure the correct operation plan, and match with other devices.
    It will be carried out the configuration, installation the software and physical of the computer in the place indicated by the client and defined in the executive project.
    In this step all the tests and simulations necessary to ensure the perfect operation of the system will be performed . Each of the predicted situations will be simulated.
    The training according to the technical specification, they are:
    › Installation, configuration and maintenance of energy management software
    › Software management of energy management software
    › Configuration and maintenance of control module hardware
    › Configuration and maintenance of the energy meter hardware
    › Installation, configuration and maintenance of related software
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    Technical support
    We have a team of engineers, technicians and analysts trained in a wide range of fields, able to provide the assistance required by the system throughout its useful life. The support infrastructure offers various service channels, such as e-mail, telephone, remote assistance and local service .